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Welcome To My Home Page!
Howdy stranger! My name is mandalyn (not really but its cooler then my real name)! This site is dedicated to my new anime, Hellven. It is my 4th anime out of 5. I might talk about those later. Hellvens not quite done yet but im working my butt off trying to, before my friends kill me over it. guys? What do you have that chainsaw for? ^-^ uhh...?
Updates! Yay, updates!
Augest 7, 2003- Started the site today and I'm just so excited that I'm dancing! lalala!
New stuff!
If you've seen the other site then you know about how I update the story like once a week. I try to do at least an episode a week but i've failed to meet that goal this week. Sorry! But i did add some stuff to it!

Tell me stuff! C'mon, I wanna know!
After you've read the anime tell me about it. Was it great or terrrible? What would make it better? What's your favorite part? e-mail me!
I love e-mail

Vash the Stampede!
Hehe! This pic is here because Vash is so HOT!!! He is my hero and role model! ^-^ YAY VASH!